Santa Fe Chiefs Reunion 1979


M. I. A.

Hey Class of ‘79,

Please see the list below for “missing” classmates.

I have listed the names as we know them. If you see someone that has changed their name when they married, please let us know.

If you see someone that you know is not interested, or God forbid, has passed away, please let us know.

As we receive information, we will update the list, so please check back periodically.

Please take a look and if you know anyone, please have them contact us at

Ilene Beltran 

John Blanchfil
Catherine Bowden

Diana Cruz

Robert Estrada
Carmen Gallo-Reutershan
Patricia Glaze-Sieling

Terri Hughes

Robert Martinez

William Martinez

Ronald Mills

Jose Rincon

Louis Robert Sanchez

Deborah Tenney

Lilia Torres-Hadley

Tina Wilmont

Robin Young